Friday, March 25, 2016

We will Launch to the Millions on May 4th!

In just a few short days, we were able to gain the minimum amount of Thunderclap supporters! We're now at 124 and still growing. I'm hoping we can get to 200 by May 4th! Might be a little out of reach but there's no harm in trying your best to achieve the impossible. I'm really pumped because, after seeing my efforts to gain supporters through social media, some of my friends and acquaintances that work for blogs and other news sources have offered to cover our launch, which will surely help us attract more viewers. Fingers crossed, I think we have a fighting chance of getting the viewership this parody video deserves!

Hey, do any of you out there want to be among the first to see the video when it launches May 4th? It's easy! Only a few clicks to sign up, support me, and be one of the first!
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Thursday, March 10, 2016

We wrapped production and will launch May 4th!

We did it! We completed all three shoot days for our Star Wars parody music video. We weren't going to share the name until launching but since we started a Thunderclap campaign that highlights a lot of the details, I guess the cat's out of the bag.

Our video "I Still Haven't Found the Droids I'm Looking For" will launch May 4th at 10am. In case you're wondering what a Thunderclap campaign is, read on!

According to their website, Thunderclap "is a tool that lets a message be heard when you and your friends say it together. Think of it as an "online flash mob." Join a Thunderclap, and you and others will share the same message at the same time, spreading an idea through Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr that cannot be ignored." 

So we made a campaign profile and it's now live. We need at least 100 people to sign up so that our message can be launched into the networks of everyone who signs up. Only 24 hours into our campaign and we're already almost halfway there.

Click here to support

Perhaps some of you avid readers out there want to jump in on this? If so, all you have to do is follow this link and click support!

Though the minimum is 100, we're hoping to go well beyond this number. The more supporters we have, the better our chance for a viral video (which is the goal).

Thursday, January 28, 2016


So the truth is I might be in a little over my head. To quickly catch up all my AVID followers, here's what's been happening. In the past few months, I graduated from two more UCB classes, Improv 201 and 301. I had the pleasure of learning from the great Billy Merritt for 201 and I'm going to do my dangdest to grab a spot in one of his upcoming 401 classes. Guys, I love UCB so much. And I just really want to kick ass so bad.  (On a way sidenote, that last sentence there is a UCB Amy Poehler quote that is somehow so obscure that I couldn't even find a meme for it; just one lousy picture from the same scene. Ridiculous. See below.)

"I want to kick ass so bad"
I want to move forward with the classes but, like an idiot, I enrolled in a graduate program at USC. Everyone, including myself, thinks I'm crazy, but I'll save that rant for a different day. The point is, I can't do everything at once but I sure am trying (hence the busyness)

Ok back on track. My hubby Jason and I are currently in production on a Star Wars parody video. I can't share too much about it at this point but here's a sneak peak to sauce your cookies.

The star of our story, rocking out on stage.
And his captive audience
We have two more shoot dates (one in the sand dunes of Death Valley) and we hope to release on May 4th, which has become the unofficial Star Wars Day. I'm super proud of the work Jason and I have done so far. I can't wait to share it with all 2 of my loyal readers! STAY TUNED!

Lastly, Jason Snellman and I have started a YouTube channel in which we'll release the parody video and a lot of other things that are currently in the works. For now, we've flooded the page with really short videos from our travels and our daily lives. Our hope is to have a track of impromptu videos like these to make you laugh and another track of produced content to make you Think. Haha Jk. Those will also make you laugh. ....think.... that's funny. If we succeed, please subscribe! I have a perhaps unattainable goal to reach 100 by the end of February! Check out SnellyVision and subscribe!

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

A Huge Life Changing Gig

Two posts in one day! What happened to Shelly Hacco? Here's what happened. Shelly Hacco is gone; she's dead. Who's this in her place? Shelly Hacco SNELLMAN. Yup. I got some fool to marry me. What a sucker. :)

So this post is totally unrelated to anything "industry-wise" but if I can't post about my own wedding on my own blog then... I don't know what but yeah. I hope this explains my silent year up until now. Planning a wedding is HARD! Believe the hype. I don't THINK I bridezilla'ed on my friends, family, and/or fiance, but I suppose I should let them verify that. It was all worth it though because I had the wedding of my dreams and now I have a hubby of my very own.

Honestly, the biggest stress factor gnawing on me toward the end was the processional dance down the aisle. Being performers, Jason and I had to do something special for the ceremony, and we knew it had to involve Michael Jackson. I'm a huge fan to the king but I'm nothing in comparison to my husband. To Jason, Michael is everything that is right in the world. To me, Jason's pure love is everything that's right in the world. We talked about "The Dance" for a year but it was so hard getting everyone together to practice. With most of the party living out of state, we had to resort to video tutorials. Anna Safar, one of my bridesmaids and my brilliant choreographer, was so patient, so flexible, and so understanding of the fact that this was SO IMPORTANT. In the end though, our band of wacky friends pulled it off and I am forever thankful. See below!

The rest of the wedding went something like this! Thank you Light Up Video for your superb moment capturing skillz.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

It's my weekend and I'll break the set if I want to...

I think I pulled it off. This past weekend, I went up for the lead role (Chloe) in "The Idiot Box." Except for the part when I almost broke the set, everything went off without a hitch. Here's the thing, at the end of act one, my character is supposed to knock down walls... I guess I did that a little too realistically though, at least in the eyes of the producer. Guys! What can I say, breaking shit is my game and I'm good at it so...

Here's some on stage IN THE MOMENT shots for your hungry eyes.

With AJ Smithey as OMAR

With AJ Smithey as OMAR

With AJ Smithey as OMAR and AJ Brody as RAYMONA

Really interesting action shots huh?! Anyway, I'll be back as Veronica Beecham this weekend and the following. Then we close and I will be switching gears to a whole new form of entertainment:



...Did it work? Are you on the edge of your seat? What is this about Shelly doing burlesque, you ask? Until next time...


Friday, May 29, 2015

"The Idiot Box" Opens Tonight

So, there's been some changes to my involvement in "The Idiot Box" since my last post. First, I was going to understudy two of the roles in the show, then that changed to just one of the roles, then that changed to completely taking over a whole other role, as well as still understudying the other. The last change took place this past Monday, which meant I had four days (during TECH week) to learn a whole new role (and an accent). The new role is the guest star Veronica Beecham, an Australian dog shusherer. I will be playing Veronica four of the five weekend runs, and Chloe for one big weekend (June 12, 13, 14th).

Also, we open tonight! It's been a roller coaster but (I think) we're ready. One thing I keep reminding myself is TO NEVER UNDERESTIMATE THE POWER OF OPENING NIGHT MAGIC.

Hey look! I'm a genuine Aussie! And not on the nose in the least bit!

Monday, April 6, 2015

New Rep, New Play!

Amazing news! I have a new commercial agent! Lynn Eriks at Howard Talent West will now be representing me for commercials and print. I'm really excited to work with Lynn because she's a self-proclaimed Jewish mom and that makes me feel right at home. (Ema, don't be jelly!) I hope to be posting super awesome news about national bookings and all that kinda jazz in the near future. "Watch out internet, my fro will soon be taking over" says the perhaps overly confident newly represented me.

ALSO, I've been cast to understudy two lead roles in Theatre 68's newest production, "The Idiot Box", written by Michael Elyanow. This play is basically a dark satire that gives the middle finger to the generic television sitcom. Since this show is loosely based on "Friends," I will be playing both the Monica and Rachel characters on various nights. The show will run May 29th to June 29th. Although I'm not yet sure of my performance dates, I know that I'll have at least 3-4 cracks at it. You'll probably have to come more than once because obviously you'll want to see me embody both leading ladies.

I know, you're wondering if I can pull this off, right? ... here's the thing... so am I.

From last Friday's read through! Pictured left to right. Erin Poland as Fiona, Carlos Castillo as Harvey, Carrie Stauber as Veronica, Julie Dolan as Chloe, Jordan Wall as Mark, Grey Rodriguez as Connor, and Shelly Hacco as Stephanie.